3D Wood Wall Panels

3D Wood Wall Panels

We produce the 3D Wood Wall Panels, 3D Art Wood Paneling, Solid Wood Wall Panels. All the 3D Wood Wall Panels are Pre-Finished and quick and easy installation. We have many different wood species as follows. 

Normal Standard Size: 1200x210x11mm or Customized Size

Wood Construction: Solid Wood Surface in thickness 2mm~6mm, and MDF base Board in thickness 5mm.

Finish: Lacquer Finish or Natural Wood Oil finish

Packing: 3-5 pcs per cardboard box, 100~150 boxes per pellet

Weight: approx. 1.5kg per panel

Wood Species 


Acacia 3D Wood Wall Panels Acacia 3D Wall Panels view

Chinese Walnut

African Teak 3D Wood Wall Panels African Teak 3D Wall Panels view

American Black Walnut

American Black Walnut 3D Wood Wall Panels American Black Walnut 3D Wall Panels. viewpng

Austrailian Red Eucalyptus 3D

Austrailian Red Eucalyptus 3D Wood Wall Panels Austrailian Red Eucalyptus 3D Wall Panels View

Beech Stain color

Beech 3D Wood Wall Panels Beech 3D Wall Panels view


Cherry 3D Wood Wall Panels Cherry 3D Wall Panels view

Maple Stain

Maple 3D Wood Wall Panels Maple 3D Wall Panels View

White Oak

Oak 3D Wood Wall Panels  Oak 3D Wall Panels view

Pine End Grain 3D

Pine End Grain 3D Wood Wall Panels Pine End Grain 3D Wall Panels view

Recycled Hardwood 3D

   Recycled Hardwood 3D Wood Wall Panels recycled Hardwood 3D Wall Panels view

Red Pine 3D

Red Pine 3D Wood Wall Panels Red Pine 3D Wall Panels view


Teak 3D Wood Wall Panels Teak 3D Wall Panels view

Maple & Walnut

Walnut & Maple 3D Wood Wall Panels walnut & Maple 3D Wall Panels view

Pine Stain stone color

Walnut Stone 3D Wood Wall Panels Walnut Stone 3D wall panels view  

More new styles please directly contact us.        

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